The Company

    We founded Tubicom in 1993 and are specialized in the production of spiral cardboard tubes for industrial use.

    Our home has always been the Paper District of Lucca in Tuscany, one of the world’s most important paper production centers. Demand for our tubes mainly stems from the tissue and plastics sectors and from other specialized industries. In some cases, our tubes have also been and are used in the setting up of exhibitions, furniture trade shows and shops.

    After many years of intense activity, in August 2012, Tubicom moved from its original location in Via del Rogio to the company’s new headquarters in Via Enrico Mattei 721, in the industrial area of Mugnano, Lucca.

    Tubicom is proud to have a highly skilled and motivated workforce. What sets us apart is the extremely high quality of our cardboard tubes, our ability to respond to any emergency and our skill in tailoring our products based on your needs.

    Every day we commit to meeting the most demanding production standards and to improving the entire production process.

    Our tubes are the result of laboratory tests that simulate final use conditions and of tests carried out directly on the continuous papermaking and converting machines, which belong to the Carrara family.

    Extensive experience, careful design and advanced technologies have enabled Tubicom to manufacture products with uncommon characteristics. Our cardboard tubes can boast a high resistance to torsion and compression, an outstanding capacity to withstand both high loads and high rotational speeds. Tubicom offers a wide range of products and exclusive services.

    We are ready to meet, without exception, all your technical and logistical requirements.

    Our business approach enables us to manufacture a very high quality product, which has led us to expand beyond Italy’s borders and to reach important results abroad.

    Tubicom collaborates with the leading tissue multinationals and has significant trade relations with several European partners.