Our standard is total customization. Together with our customers, we choose and agree on every aspect of our product. From tube diameter that ranges from 70 mm to 600 mm and tube thickness, which can reach 30 mm or more, to length, straightness, weight, humidity, resistance in compression, torsion, rotation speed and to the wear & tear of the heads, a particularly sensitive aspect when using tubes in the tissue paper industry.

    Over the years, the total customization approach has led Tubicom to become a supplier of well-known paper machine manufacturers such as the A. Celli Group and Recard, who test their own equipment with our tubes.

    If you tell us what features your tubes should have, we will manufacture a product that meets your requested technical specifications. After a very brief time, you will receive a test batch of the product you requested and you will be able to verify immediately if it suits your needs.

    The concept of price list is history at Tubicom. We prefer offering you our best expert advice and together coming up with working with the best investment proposal that fully complies with your requested customization.

    While offering a high quality product, we also strive to optimize your business costs. Our production is a flexible one and we invest resources and energy in assisting our customers. For this reason, over the years, Tubicom has become a reliable partner of the most important industries in the sector.