Cores for paper Mills

    Tubicom is located in the Lucca Tissue District, heart of one of the largest papermaking hubs in the world. A true and unwavering vocation that, since the beginning of our activity, has led us to approach this sector with an open and innovative spirit, thus including in our scope also important packaging paper groups.

    Since the very beginning, the wide variety and flexibility of our products have constituted our foundation, allowing us to meet the ever-changing technical and quality requirements. Our cores for paper mills are the result of a long selection process, structured in accordance with the strictest testing corroboration. A reliable, cutting-edge, flexible product that is also ready to satisfy any special needs.

    Tubicom products base their quality on two solid cornerstones: a significant investment in innovation and motivated well-prepared staff that is able to empathize with the needs of our customers, is ready to help you in selecting the product and in identifying the best investment strategy and that ensures absolute on-time delivery.

    Our business approach enables us to manufacture a very high quality product, which has led us to expand beyond Italy’s borders and to reach important results abroad.


    • - Tissue Paper
    • - Printing Paper
    • - Packaging Paper
    • - Corrugated Paper
    • - Specialty Paper
    • - Coated Paper


    • - Constant Dimensions (diameter, height, thickness, roundness)
    • - High compressive and torsional strength
    • - Resistance to high rotation speeds
    • - Resistance to high loads
    • - Resistance of the product even in conditions of maximum stress


    • - Stock on Demand
    • - Maximum availability to meet urgent needs
    • - Constant support
    • - Internal and external printing