Quality, efficiency, reliability. These are our core corporate values.

    Quality, because we have many years of hands-on experience in testing our products in the laboratory and on the Carrara family’s paper machines. Our cardboard tubes undergo continuous testing during all production phases while complying with strict and rigorous criteria that ensure top performance.

    Efficiency, because our staff is regularly updated and trained to better understand and meet the needs of the many companies who choose Tubicom.

    Because of our latest innovations, we feature flexible production and cutting-edge machinery. For this reason, over the years, Tubicom has become a reliable partner of the most important companies in the paper and plastics industries and, in general, of businesses that produce materials on rolls or reels.

    Reliability, because we test our products daily in compliance with UNI 10328 and ISO 11093. Furthermore, Tubicom has been certified in quality management and holds UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. Our customers can assess the type and characteristics of our products at any time. Our staff is at your disposal to satisfy any request.

    Tubicom respects and cares deeply about the environment. We operate in accordance with regulations on energy saving, on product recycling and on special-oils disposal. Our scrap is 100% recyclable and all our facilities implement differentiated waste collection.