Large Diameter Tubes

    The large diameter tubes are at the very origin of our success. Tubicom’s story begins with the designing of this particular product for the group’s paper mills.

    The large diameter tubes are our strong point, so much so that we have dedicated all of our decades of experience to their manufacture and improvement.

    An unbreakable link that is also strategic, as it is precisely through large diameter tubes that we have expanded beyond the boundaries of the national reference market and have reached Europe.

    Everyday our cardboard tubes undergo quality and resistance testing directly on the paper mills’ paper machines, thus achieving very high levels of reliability.

    We care greatly about how our Clients can save money and our tubes actually show a marked resistance to wear, particularly at the ends. It is no coincidence that paper machine and rewinder manufacturers use our tubes for their tests.

    Tubicom is a reference point for those seeking quality and reliability in the production of large diameter tubes for the Tissue sector. Every single aspect of our product is agreed upon with our Clients. The diameter of this particular cardboard tube can reach a length of 600 mm and a thickness of up to 30 mm with different characteristics and customizations according to the destined facility of use.

    In accordance with the characteristics that the Client points out to us, Tubicom produces an exclusive customized product. In next to no time we send a sample for an industrial test, so as to immediately verify whether it corresponds with what has been requested.

    Tubicom chose to distinguish itself from other manufacturers by going beyond the concept of standard price-listing and instead jointly developing the best investment proposal with the Client, which will be customized and include efficient services like Stock on Demand and a guaranteed quick delivery.

    Maximum attention for maximum satisfaction. Tubicom provides a high-quality product, helping to optimize the business costs of our clients.

    Our reference sectors

    • Tissue
    • Special paper
    • Other industrial applications

    Our tubes’ characteristics

    • Constant dimensions (diameter, height, thickness, roundness)
    • High compression strength
    • Resistance to rotation speed
    • Wear resistance of the ends of the tubes
    • Resistance of the product even under conditions of maximum stress

    Advantages for You

    • Stock on Demand
    • Maximum availability to meet urgent needs
    • Internal and External Printing
    • Horizontal and Vertical Packaging