Large Diameter Tubes

    Large diameter tubes are at the heart of our success. Tubicom’s history begins with the creation of this particular product for the paper mills of the Carrara group.

    Large diameter tubes are our strong point and we have dedicated all of our efforts and energy to manufacturing and to perfecting them. An unbreakable and strategic commitment. Large diameter tubes enabled us to expand our target market beyond Italy’s borders and to take on Europe.

    Every day our tubes undergo quality and resistance tests that are carried out directly on the paper machines of the Carrara group. As a result, the highest level of reliability is reached. Saving our clients’ money is of critical importance for and that is why our tubes have a marked resistance to wear and tear, in particular at their extremities. It is no coincidence that the manufacturers of paper machines and of rewinders use our tubes to carry out their tests.

    Tubicom has become a benchmark for those seeking quality and reliability in the production of large diameter tubes for the Tissue sector. Every single aspect of our product is agreed upon with our customers. This particular tube can reach 600 mm in diameter, 300mm in thickness, with characteristics varying according to the plant used, thus guaranteeing a high level of quality.

    Depending on the requirements you desire, we will produce a customized and exclusive product and someone will be at your side all of the way. After a very brief time, you will receive a test batch of the product you requested and you will be able to verify immediately if it meets your needs.

    Tubicom has chosen to stand apart from other producers by going beyond the concept of a standard price list. We prefer coming up with the best investment proposal together with you.

    An offer that will be tailor made to suit your needs and include efficient services such as Stock on Demand and timely delivery. Undivided Attention for Maximum Satisfaction.

    We offer a high quality product while helping you to optimize your business costs.


    • - Tissue
    • - Specialty papers
    • - Other industrial application


    • - Constant Dimensions (diameter, height, thickness, roundness)
    • - High compressive strength
    • - Resistance to high rotation speeds
    • - Resistance to tube extremity wear and tear
    • - Resistance of the product even in conditions of maximum stres


    • - Stock on Demand
    • - Maximum availability to meet urgent needs
    • - Internal and external printing
    • - Horizontal or vertical Packaging