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    Tubicom travels to Barcelona for Tissue World 2015

    The year 1993 marks an important date for Lucca-based Tubicom, a company specialized in production of spiral cardboard tubes for industrial use, and for the international trade fair Tissue World as both launched their businesses that year.

    All of Tubicom’s staff will be at Tissue World Barcelona from 17 to 19 March 2015, an event defined by the leading trade publications as “the greatest show on earth”, specifically in the world of Tissue. Participating in this international trade fair represents is an unparalleled experience and a great opportunity for Tubicom to network and exchange ideas with other companies working in the tissue industry.

    Tissue World is indeed a global event that attracts all sector professionals, producers, converters and suppliers linked to the industry that transforms tissue. The trade fair boasts about 3000 visitors from 93 countries - a 40% increase on the previous editions - 190 exhibitors, over 50 featured speakers from the main multinational companies.

    It is against this vibrant international backdrop that Tubicom will step forward as a reliable partner in the production of large diameter cardboard tubes thanks to the company’s over 20 years of experience in manufacturing this type of tube, made especially for the tissue sector. In addition to the production of cardboard tubes that can be completely customized, Tubicom will present and offer its exclusive Stock on Demand service at Tissue World Barcelona. 

    Stock on Demand is a very useful service for customers because it allows notable storage of finished ordered material in Tubicom’s warehouse. The company based in Lucca is one of the few, which is able to offer a professional assistance service that enormously reduces storage time and costs and that consistently meets the agreed upon delivery times.

    The comparison with the larger reality of the International Tissue will be a crucial opportunity to Tubicom to understand and investigate the technological advances in the production of paper, get information on product innovations and on the values ​​of sustainability.