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    Success for Tubicom at Tissue World Barcelona

    New creative solutions for a corporate brochure depicting the company’s history and exclusive services aimed at an international audience presented at the world-renown trade fair.

    Lucca-based Tubicom - leader in the production of cardboard tubes – pursued this idea at the Tissue World exhibition that took place in Barcelona from 17 to 19 March 2015.

    The company had the opportunity of making B2B contacts with potential European customers in Europe and, at the same time, needed to bring a presentation made of light material for air transport from Italy to Spain.

    Tubicom, in collaboration with the advertising agency mmad Ltd. responsible for the design, development and preparation of the graphic content of the leaflet, created a brochure that uses the product "tube" in an innovative and original way. The corporate brochure has the shape of the letter “T” just like the tube, Tubicom’s production core-business, and just like the company's initial. A very creative solution produced in limited edition.

    The brochure has the dual function of telling the company’s story and holding a business card, in this case that of Tubicom CEO Giorgio Lazzarini, and is inserted in a special packaging that enhances the tube. The container is made of two overlapping cardboard tube sections, which create a kind of clip that holds the brochure in place for easy to transport.“

    The special combination of brochure paper and cardboard tube was a winning idea,” stated Tubicom CEO. “During B2B meetings at Tissue World, our company surprised potential prospects; our presentations were very successful”.